Nightly News   |  January 21, 2014

Long Island Braces for Up to 15” of Snow

As the wind blows the snow around, it makes for very difficult visibility on Long Island. NBC News’ Ron Mott reports from Syosset.

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>> because this is it a coastal storm , places like long island, new york are getting hit very hard. nbc's ron mott is there for us tonight. ron, good evening.

>> reporter: hey, brian, good evening. governor cuomo declared a state of emergency for nine counties around the new york city metro area , including out here in long island. now, long island is expected to get hit pretty hard by this storm, as much as 14, 15 inches of snow, take a look at the quality of the snow, because it's so cold. it's very dry. easy to move around off the sidewalks and drive ways, more difficult story when you're driving in it, the wind is blowing this stuff around as you can see, it makes visibility very difficult. now, the long island expressway behind me had been clogged up for about three or four hours, until our live shot here, it's now open again. a lot of traffic is moving along nicely here. which is a good sign.