Nightly News   |  January 22, 2014

Are the Areas Surrounding Sochi Safe?

Counterterrorism analyst Michael Leiter says transportation in Russia is vulnerable in the high-threat areas surrounding Sochi. The terrorists who previously launched an attack, he said, have every incentive to do so again.

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>> we're joined in studio by michael lighter who served as director of the national council of terrorism center under president bush and obama. based on what you know, what is your agree of being optimistic?

>> well, i am optimistic that the venues themselves, the closer you get to those venues, the official sites within sochi will be safe. because the russians have done so much and they're very hard targets. i worry about beyond the sites, places like volgograd, the mass transit leading to sochi , that is vulnerable for the russians .

>> i'll put it this way, forgive the personal terms, if your wife and family were going, how would you feel?

>> i feel pretty good about that as long as they were staying in sochi , but if they were taking the train throughout russia, places like volgograd, they are vulnerable. i think moving towards the olympics, the terrorists who probably launched that attack have every incentive to try to do so again.

>> are you at all optimistic about the cooperation between the u.s. and russia?

>> i think it is better, especially after the boston marathon bombing. the russian and u.s. officials have gotten closer to the fbi and their security services . that being said it is nothing like the cooperation we had in previous olympics, like london and vancouver. and that is making the officials more nervous.

>> we'll talk later on that, michael lighter, thank you.

>>> and the russians are watching neighboring ukraine, where anti-government protests exploded again today with a violent crackdown by the government