Nightly News   |  January 22, 2014

Blistering Cold Seeps Across Eastern US

Roads are in much better shape than they were on Tuesday, however, there’s still plenty of snow – as much as 15 inches in some places. NBC News’ Ron Mott reports from Long Island and Al Roker has the forecast.

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>>> that blew through leaving a lot of snow tonight. nbc's ron mott rode it out in long island, new york, good evening.

>> reporter: hey, brian , good evening to you, as you can imagine trains are running a little slower today. last night's commute, simply a mess, and now a better story. the cold has everyone's attention. tom canon has rolled out heat for long islanders for 20 years. tell me how the work is when the wind chill is five or ten below.

>> you are going to think i'm crazy, but it doesn't really bother me, the cold. it is the snow that kills you, walking through it.

>> reporter: with roads in much better shape than yesterday, canon was able to get heat into more homes, with the cable guy out, as well. and both will likely be busier in coming days as the arctic front rips into the area. across the freeze zone, all-time records fell with the plunging mercury, five cities along the upper ohio valley re-wrote history with the coldest january on the books, several hitting double digits below zero . while it is plenty cold, there is plenty of snow. a record 13 inches in philadelphia, creating a dangerous mix with ice on new york city streets. apple's flagship store in manhattan sports a bruise. and hosting the super bowl in 11 day, the workers there dug out.

>> are you going to need help digging out?

>> reporter: even the veteran weather channel operator mike seidel took to social media , people took the slushy trek home, some took nearly six hours, in new york city , what is normally a half hour trip turned into a nearly five-hour bus ride for one unlucky child. now trains around new york city were on schedule this week, one is due right now, past due, brian .

>>> more on this big area cold east of the mississippi. al roker is here in the studio with us for that tonight. good evening.

>> well, brian , thank you so much. again, the polar vortex , the main parts are still up around the north pole , but little areas of clipper's coming around, this piece that is broken off will keep reinforcing this cold air. look at what we expect tomorrow morning for overnight lows, international falls , 29 below, nine below in cleveland, 15 in roanoke, charleston, 29. and you can see by friday morning we get another big jolt, 13 in atlanta , four below in chicago, five in boston, seven in philadelphia. four in international falls . then we moderate for a bit on saturday so temperatures are not quite so bad. but then the next really strong jolt comes in. atlanta , 21, by tuesday morning, look at atlanta , 19, cleveland, one below, boston, four, chicago, six below. international falls , the big winner or loser depending on how you look at it, brian . 25 below, and that will be our pattern for at least the next ten days. you had to know on a year that the super bowl falls on the same day as groundhog's day, it will be bad.

>> yes, we still have that