Nightly News   |  January 22, 2014

White House Announces Task Force on Sexual Assault

President Obama is creating a task force to address the problem of sexual assault on college campuses

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>>> and president obama called for new attention today on the problem of sexual assault on our college campuses. he announced the creation of a task force , pointing out sobering facts, one in five college students sexually assaulted but only one in 12 victims reporting the attacks. both the president and vice president joe biden called on men to do more.

>> i want every young man in america to feel some strong peer pressure. in terms of how they are supposed to behave and treat women. that starts before they get to college.

>> men have to step up to the bar here. men have to take more responsibility. men have to intervene.

>> this new task force will have 90 days to recommend actions that colleges can then take to prevent sexual assault .