Nightly News   |  January 23, 2014

Feds Nab Lufthansa Heist Thieves

Until now, the only person ever convicted in the case was an inside man at Lufthansa.

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>>> and it was the biggest cash theft of all time when it took place back in the late '70s. at best, it gave us goodfellows, one of the great mob movies of all time. but the real story came back today with word that the feds say are the real goodfellows were rounded up out of nowhere and at long last. our report from kate snow .

>> just how much was taken in the daring raid.

>> reporter: movie fans remember ray liotta 's reaction in the mob film , goodfellows, when he hears his friends have pulled off one of the biggest heist in history. but that was not fiction.

>> there was a hold-up of historic proportions at new york's kennedy airport this morning.

>> reporter: in 1978 , a group of gunmen stole $5 million in cash at the hangar.

>> they herded them all to a second floor cafeteria.

>> reporter: the cash and jewels were never found. until now, the only person ever convicted in the case was an inside man. as many as ten others suspected to be involved turned up dead. but today in new york , a parade of alleged aging mobsters, members of the bonanno organized crime family. at the frobt of the pack, 78-year-old vincent asaro , accused of helping carry out the heist. authorities believe that jimmy the gent was involved.

>> never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.

>> reporter: last summer, the fbi found human remains buried in burke's basement.

>> when they found the body you can figure somebody was giving up information.

>> reporter: the indictment shows book making, murder, the others accused, vincent's son, jerome asaro, and 70-year-old tommy d, and 52-year-old john raganno. the laundry list of crimes spans from 1968 all the way to last summer. vincent asaro faces life in prison , the others, 20 years behind bars, brian?

>> incredible story to come roaring back after all these years.