Nightly News   |  January 23, 2014

Soda’s Caramel Coloring Raises New Concerns

There are new safety concerns about a chemical commonly found in the caramel coloring used in soda.

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>>> we're back as promised with tonight's health news, about a carmel ingredient in foods, recent reports show the chemical causes cancer in animals although the fda found no risk to humans.

>> reporter: it is a chemical found in the artificial carmel coloring of some of the most widely consumed sodas, approved by the federal government 40 years ago in 2012 , california set a daily consumer limit. now, a consumer reports ' investigation has found that pepsi one sold in california exceeded that level. and several sodas bought in new york far exceeded the carmel level, six times as far as diet pepsi and pepsi one, 12 times in the montagoya bought on both coasts.

>> this is about coloring found in food. we don't need to increase people's cancer risks.

>> reporter: but while the fda is conducting its own testing, it tells nbc news it has no reason to believe that 4-mei poses a risk to consumers.

>> the problem with too much soda is extra calories that can lead to overweight and obesity and tooth decay.

>> it is processing, there is a color that is not natural, putting a chemical in your body?

>> reporter: pepsi tells nbc news it questions the study's methods, saying we believe that consumer reports ' conclusion is not correct, pepsico abides by the law wherever we do business, but it is lowering the ingredient in its soda's nationwide. that is after the fda requires full disclosure on label. tom costello, nbc news, washington.