Nightly News   |  January 24, 2014

Cameras Capture Deadly Cairo Attack

The Muslim Brotherhood condemned what appeared to be a coordinated attack across the city involving several bombs.

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>>> overseas tonight, something we have not seen until now, a series of deadly bombings in cairo, which until now have been spared that kind of sophisticated assault. 19 people were killed in the attacks and the protests that followed. tonight, it is causing a lot of concern in a country that now has seen three years of upheaval. we get our report from ayman mohyeldi mohyeldin.

>> reporter: the driver gets out, and then, targeting the security headquarters, chaos, confusion as the wounded scramble to escape. the blast also damaged egypt 's iconic museum. three more bombs in what appeared to be a coordinated attack. at the scene of the first bombing, the crowd rallies behind the government, and angry at the muslim brotherhood . they're the enemy of god , this woman says. the muslim brotherhood condemned today's violence, saying it was not responsible. but the brotherhood is at war with egypt 's military government . morsi supporters clashed with security forces in several cities across egypt on friday. three years ago tomorrow, pro-democracy demonstrators crowded into tahrir square and forced out hosni mubarak . only to see moresy elected and removed.

>> going in the wrong direction, first of all we have lots of hopes when we started in 2011 . then it turned out -- like -- a nightmare.

>> reporter: with violence increasing and more attacks hitting the capital, egypt 's nightmare may now be getting worse. a man -- ayman