Nightly News   |  January 24, 2014

Get Ready for More Chilly Weather

An arctic jet stream is bringing cold weather throughout the nation in an unusual pattern that’s lingering longer than normal.

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>>> and more on what will be a cold weekend for millions, meteorologist janice huff .

>> yes, hi, brian, this is a cold weekend, same reason why they had snow in texas and mississippi, and louisiana, the arctic jet stream is not shifting, we talked about the polar vortex about a week ago. this is not the entire polar vortex , but chunk after chunk after chunk is not breaking up. and while it is not unusual in the winter to have these scenarios, it is unusual for them to happen so long. look at the temperatures in birmingham, atlanta, and the cold air comes right back by tuesday morning, minus 25 in minneapolis, and that is not the wind chill , brian. back to you.

>> all right, we have been warned, janice huff in the