Nightly News   |  January 24, 2014

Romney’s Private Election Night Moment

The newly released documentary, "Mitt," reveals Romney and his family in remarkably personal and, often painful, moments.

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>>> can see a new documentary that especially for political junkies offers something we've never quite seen before. mitt romney and his family granted a camera crew unpress den dented and up close access. there have been positives reviews for the documentary, and for the man viewers will see depicted. we get our report tonight from nbc's peter alexander , who logged so many hours for us covering the romney campaign.

>> reporter: it is a candid look at the man who would be president.

>> a year ago we told you we would love you no matter how things turned out.

>> and now you're not so sure.

>> now we're not so sure.

>> reporter: this documentary show s romney in often personal and painful moments, after failing to get the nomination, he and his wife agonizing over another run.

>> it is too much.

>> reporter: the romneys praying together as a family.

>> we acknowledge all the blessing you have given us.

>> reporter: over six years, he was granted almost unheard of access, like this difficult scene from election night inside the family's hotel room with the race slipping away .

>> what is going on?

>> we're writing a concession speech.

>> it's finished.

>> yeah, yeah, okay. that -- i don't think it is a time for soothing, and everything is fine, i think it is a time for this is really serious.

>> reporter: my role was i was not going to stop filming unless somebody named romney told me to stop. and over six years, no one named romney told me to stop.

>> was it difficult to relive those moments?

>> i was not comfortable, but it was not like i wanted to relive those moments again. it was great to see the family support the guy in a middle of a tough game. it was not a hollywood ending , i didn't win.

>> reporter: a tough reality for a man used to success.

>> i have just called president obama to congratulate him on his victory.

>> i have looked, by the way, at what happens to anyone in this country who loses as the nominee of their party, who loses the general election , they become a loser for life.

>> reporter: you joked michael dukakis can't even get a job mowing lawns, how is that business?

>> i am not very good at it, to tell to truth, i stay away from it.

>> a very rare look at romney , conveying his warm side, i can tell you is better. ultimately what they failed to accomplish, talking about seeing another side of romney . tonight, he sits down or in this case stands up with jimmy fallon , where he will slow jam the news. brian, this is not quite the governor romney we saw during the course of the campaign.

>> i'll say, something to look forward to tonight. peter alexander , thank you for revisiting the candidate.