Nightly News   |  January 25, 2014

Deadly Clashes in Egypt Continue Three Years After Uprising

At least 29 people died when security forces and anti-government protestors clashed in Egypt.

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>>> another day of deadly clashes in egypt , authorities say at least 29 people were killed as security forces battled anti-government protesters after 21 people were killed in clashes and bomb attacks yesterday. all this comes as egypt marks the third anniversary of the uprising that ousted president hosni mubarak . we get the latest now from nbc's ayman mohyeldin.

>> reporter: egyptian police firing at the crowds. rounding up demonstrators. protesters throwing stones and fire bombs at the police. angry scenes similar to the ones egypt witnessed exactly three years ago today. back then, there was a different fight. one to topple hosni mubarak 's regime. today, it is the muslim brotherhood and their supporters, which ousted president morsi last july, put him on trial, then banned the organization itself. morsi's removal has dead to a deadly insurgency in egypt , today, striking a police headquarter. today, a bombing at a security building . the military is flying high , enjoying a wave of popular support. on the very streets where the military once gunned down protesters, today thousands turned up singing their praises. men and women, even children, wearing military uniforms . all came out in a show of support for the army. and its powerful leader, general si si, the man who removed president mohammed morsi from power.

>> all of us support si si.

>> reporter: but critics warn the military is once again reaching for power, silencing any dissent, even from the youth who helped to topple hosni mubarak 's regime back in 2011 . now, lester the concern with the human rights organization is that as the violence continues to get worse the military and government are stepping up their pressure, trying to silence any dissent, even from legitimate opposition, which will reverse the gains from