Nightly News   |  January 25, 2014

New Threat Looms over Russian Games

A group warns of impending attacks just thirteen days before the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

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>>> a threat against russia in sochi , where the winter olympics are just days away. this comes after the transit bombings in volgograd that killed 34 people. meanwhile, the state department warns people heading for sochi . nbc's kier simmons has more.

>> reporter: president putin is determined the gains will be a success. and today his press secretary said any reports that there are concerns about the gains is just the west trying to discredit russia. but the concerns include terrorism today and a group that claims to have behind the deaths of at least 34 people and a double suicide bombing in a city 400 miles from here last month issued new threats, the threats on the internet suggested that there would be another attack. it did not mention sochi , but the same group has promised in the past to deliver what they said would be a present for president putin here at sochi during the games. the aim of the group must well have been to try to disrupt the games or the simple build-up to the olympics may have already done that. the organizers say the games are safe. and lester, when you speak to people on the ground here there is a sense of enthusiasm, perhaps even excitement.