Nightly News   |  January 25, 2014

Your Nutrition Labels Will Be Easier to Digest

Consumers can expect calorie counts to get a more prominent display along with other changes.

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>>> for the first time in decades, nutrition labels on our food are about to get a major makeover. the goal, to help you make healthier choices by putting better and easier to understand information on labels. our report tonight from nbc's gabe gutierrez.

>> reporter: they're a supermarket staple. but now nutrition labels may get their first makeover in 20 years.

>> everything i buy, i look at the label, especially now that i'm pregnant.

>> it won't really make a difference for me, i like what i like and i'm going to get what i want.

>> the government has taken the wraps off a new generation of food labels.

>> reporter: in 1993 , the food and drug information first revealed the labels, revealing exactly how much sugar and fat we were consuming. but while our diets have changed, the labels have not. the fda says there is now a shift to focus on calories to help consumers construct healthy diets.

>> the hope is that the labels will help the consumers, displayed at the top, so you know from the start what a serving is.

>> reporter: health advocates have located for other ways to help, not just grams, but serving sizes that major sense. the fda will not say exactly what the revised labels will look like or when you will see them in your kitchen. but likely they will release recommendations in the next few months.

>> when we look at the history we know more and more people are looking at the labelmes. so we want to make sure they look at the labels and make healthier choices.

>> reporter: the fda estimates 42% of working adults read the labels always or most of the time. older adults use them 57% of the time.

>> so i think there are definitely a lot of important information that people will get from the new labelling.

>> reporter: changing shopper's habits won't be so easy, but these new labels will make the nutrition information easier to digest. gabe gutierrez.