Nightly News   |  January 25, 2014

C'est la vie! French first couple splits

French president Francois Hollande announces his break up with his longtime companion amid cheating allegations.

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>>> we now know who will not be with french president hollande when he makes a state visit to the white house next month. he announced he and the first lady are separating.

>> reporter: it is one of the presidential decisions that france has been waiting for. francois hollande has announced the end of his relationship with the first lady trierweiler two weeks after they reported he was having an affair. he called to say i'm making it known that i put an end to my shared life with valerie trierweiler . two weeks ago, the magazine published photos of hollande apparently visiting his girlfriend on a motorcycle and staying the night. shortly there after, the first lady checked into a hospital for exhaustion, while hollande refuse to do confirm if trierweiler was still first lady. promising to clear up confusion before a state visit next month.

>> she doesn't want to leave behind the role of first lady, in which she really has invested.

>> reporter: the couple had been together for several years but never married. in relaxed france, that was okay. so too, it seems is even an affair. the big public debate is whether or not the public had a right to know. this woman says he can do what he wants. it is his life. but another says it is a stain on the image of the president. she calls it a disaster. mostly, people are just glad that their president, who is unpopular because of his dithering, has finally made up his mind. london, nbc news.