Nightly News   |  January 25, 2014

This Is One Doggone Good Sanctuary

One woman saves an average of 500 dogs annually by picking up strays from city shelters.

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>>> finally tonight, a one-woman rescue squad and the four-legged friends she saved by opening her heart and her wallet.

>> come on little monkey face.

>> reporter: ricky shaw is on a mission, to rescue and save every little dog she can.

>> oh, i know.

>> reporter: whether it is picking up the strays off the streets of south florida , or from city-run shelters, this 64-year-old rescues an average of 500 dogs a year.

>> it is the only thing that matters to me. you really have a feel for how dangerous the situation is. the stress that these dogs are under. here we go.

>> reporter: from medical to maintenance, shaw pays all costs incurred, in excess of 500,000 a year.

>> if it was not for her efforts, these dogs would be dead.

>> it is not important for me to go shopping, play cards or have lunch with the girls. this is what is important to me.

>> reporter: shaw works directly with and supports pet haven rescue, on no cage, no kill facility in florida, which looks more like a spa than a shelter.

>> it is quite nice, i would like to live here myself.

>> reporter: from the custom beds and play rooms to the well-groomed pastures, shaw hopes this one-of-a-kind facility will become an example for other shelters around the country.

>> and no one has to ask ricky for anything. she is just from the heart and gives everything that she possibly can to help an animal.

>> reporter: and you choose to ones that are the least adoptable.

>> i choose the older ones, the ones that have injuries, because they're just -- those are dogs that will be put down.

>> reporter: knowing this is a costly dream, shaw will soon auction her jewelry off at christie's. valued at $10 million. and every dollar she gets she says will go right back to the animals she loves.

>> fortunately i'm able to do this. and that is how you make a difference.