Nightly News   |  January 25, 2014

Kiev Conflict Kills at Least Three

Thousands of protestors gathered in the Ukraine capital to voice their discontent with nation’s Russian alignment.

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>>> ukraine capital of kiev . protesters have been killed the unrest all started in this week in clashes with police. november when ukraine's president made moves to align the country more with russia and not europe as previously promised. we get the latest on that situation from nbc's ian williams , in kiev .

>> reporter: it looks like a medieval battle scene, the rows of barricades, the weapons. it rises through, to haul molotov cocktails at the lines of police who respond with water to douse the flames, and also an effective weapon in sub zero temperatures. in kiev , there is little restraint on both sides, so far, the uneasy truce has been lodged. but the riots are inching closer, and many are itching for a fight. attitudes are hardening.

>> we're staying here until the end.

>> reporter: you will stay here?

>> yes.

>> reporter: with many bearing the scars of a week of violent clashes. you are determined to stay?

>> until the end.

>> reporter: this week, the two-month long protests turned deadly. three protesters shot dead. and a movement that started with demands for closer ties with europe now wants to topple the government. it also has spread beyond the capital with protesters seizing several regional government buildings. president yanukovych met with religious leaders today, offering some concessions. but not enough for opposition leaders who have appealed for western mediation. but at the barricades, more radical groups appear to be in control. this leader told me there is no point in negotiating, this is the only way. although the rocks for their armory have been supplied by the solidly middle class women, as were the cakes for the barricades, help for what many believe will be a tense and violent weekend. ian williams , nbc news, kiev .