Nightly News   |  January 26, 2014

Winter Maintains Its Frosty Grip

Freezing temperatures, snowfall and delayed flights are just some of what an arctic air mass has brought the country.

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>>> it's about to get even colder again in much of the eastern half of the country. a new arctic air mass , the coldest of the season, is hitting the midwest and northeast, bringing high winds and dangerously low temperatures. the cold follows heavy snow and ice. whiteout condition that is cause accidents from michigan to kentucky this weekend. almost 1,000 flights were canceled nationwide and another 5,000 delayed. this frigid weather continues to put a strain on propane gas supplies, forcing more than 30 states to issue emergency declarations and pipeline explosion in canada has cut off the natural gas supply to thousands of people, happening not far from the border with north dakota and minnesota and some customers in those states were asked to limit their gas usage. for more on the cold wave , we're joined by weather channel meteorologist kim cunningham. kim, good evening.

>> yes, lester. we'll continue to see that cold aircoming southward the next couple of days. the next big storm will affect even the south. let's go ahead and show you what it looks like, the pattern right now. we have that deep trough over the east. minneapolis tomorrow, 6 below zero . we're talking 30 degrees below your average. chicago, we may go 60 hours or 2 1/ 2 days with temperatures not even getting above zero. that's how cold this is. atlanta will be in the 30s today. we got near 60 degrees. big temperature change for us all the way in the deep south . new york city , philadelphia, lows to the single digits and teens the next couple of days as well. well below average. south, this will be wintry weather for us. area of low pressure moves by, and look at this forecast. freezing rain. possibly power outages. savannah, charleston and even accumulating snow. three to five inches possible from the outer banks to central parts of georgia. lester,