Nightly News   |  January 26, 2014

What’s on Obama’s 2014 Docket?

Get a sneak peek at what President Obama hopes to accomplish this year.

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>>> the president will lay out his hopes and visions on other issues when he addresses congress and the american people in his state of the union address tuesday night. for a preview, we turn to cnbc's chief washington correspondent john harwood . john, what can we expect from the president?

>> lester, he is in a very different phase of his presidency. strengthen economy, narrowing to push through initiatives. decent chance for immigration reform , long shot hope for winning minimum wage increase. beyond that, raising middle class incomes, narrowing inequality, knowing congress isn't likely to go along. will he pursue steps he could take on his own and hope congress doesn't get in his way.

>> perhaps another debt ceiling debate on his horizon?

>> not likely a crisis. yes, a debate. both parties are almost as weary as brinksmanship as the voters and every house seat up for election this fall, house republican leadership aide put it to me this way. will there be noise? yes. will there be a real fight? no.