Nightly News   |  January 26, 2014

Store to Sell Only Expired Food

It’s a different type of grocery store that will sell recently expired food at a deeply discounted price.

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>> we're become now with some food for thought . consider the fact that our country throws out an estimated $165 billion worth of food every year. much of it still perfectly good, according to a recent study. that's the idea behind a new grocery store that will open in june. it's called the daily table. it will sell deeply discounted foods that have recently reached their expiration date . nbc's miguel almaguer has our report.

>> reporter: shopping for a healthy meal, this single mom is at the food bank , looking for affordable groceries just past their prime.

>> what if it's a day or two old past due? they're still very much edible.

>> reporter: exactly the customers doug rowe is looking for. former president of trader joe 's will open a new grocery store that sells expired food for pennies on the dollar.

>> there's a lot of food out there that's wholesome and healthy that's just being disposed.

>> he says he will offer fresh produce.

>> to use ingredients or be able to sell.

>> fat-free milk.

>> reporter: and other dprogrocery products at deep, deep discounts.

>> it's perfectly sound, it has a sell-by date or best by date. they pull that off the shelf. some do it several days before. it's being tossed. that's a crime.

>> reporter: according to a recent study, 40% of food produced in this country is dumped in the trash every year. $165 billion worth of edible food, tossed out.

>> those date labels you see on foods, sell by, use by, they are actually not federally regulated and they're not meant to indicate safety.

>> reporter: with that in mind, on this lot outside boston, rowe will open the daily table. his nonprofit store will collect, then sell what other gro grocers won't. it will also prepare hot meals. it knows its concept may be difficult for some to swallow.

>> i go by the sell-by date.

>> you have to think of the health costs , too.

>> reporter: his new store, selling old food, he believes, will have a long shelf life that just may surprise you. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles .