Nightly News   |  January 26, 2014

N.Y., N.J. Scrimmage over Super Bowl Bragging Rights

The Super Bowl is being held in New Jersey, but you wouldn’t know that from the hype surrounding the game. Why is New York getting so much football love?

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>>> one week from tonight much of america will be focused on the field at metlife stadium for super bowl xlviii , eight miles and 20 minutes from where i'm sitting. it also happens to be in another state. in the run-up to the game there's another battle going on for bragging rights . two states divide d by a river. guess which one is winning. here is nbc's ayman moheldyn.

>> reporter: the game is actually being played in new jersey , not the big apple .

>> oh, yeah, new jersey . same thing.

>> reporter: not if you ask new jersey senator bob menendez .

>> peyton manning won't be scoring any touchdowns in central park and richard sherman won't be yelling at anybody in the financial district . it will be happening here in new jersey .

>> reporter: you wouldn't know it by looking at the hype around the game, the epicenter known as super bowl boulevard is in the heart of times square . on super bowl tickets and promotional material, new york city 's skyline is prominently featured. new jersey , barely noticeable. how do you feel about all the attention being given to new york but the game is actually being held in new jersey ?

>> oh, no, that's not fair.

>> reporter: the nfl insists the super bowl is shared between the two states with the fair share of official activities being held in the garden state . even the teams who arrived today are staying in new jersey . but this is about much more than bragging rights .

>> well, you know, one of the reasons that i and others were big advocates and supporters for the effort to get the super bowl xlviii to new jersey is, yes, the pride of having the game here. but nonetheless the economic impact. we're talking about, you know, potentially hundreds of millions of dollars.

>> most of the projected revenue brought in is expected to go to new york, but new jersey is footing the bill for additional security and any possible weather contingencies. and while new jersey 's business also see achcecsee a spike this coming week -- the charm of new jersey may have a hard time competing with the glitz and glamour of the big apple . i'm nathan