Nightly News   |  January 26, 2014

Protesters Nab Another Building in Ukrainian Revolt

The president’s opponents took over another building in the capital amid protests about the nation’s Russian alignment.

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>>> in eastern europe , the violent revolt against the government of ukraine deepened today as opponents of the president took over another building in the capital and rejected his offer to include members of the opposition in his government. nbc's ian williams has the latest tonight from kiev.

>> reporter: it was before dawn that protesters surrounded and then took over, fighting against security forces using it as a base. by daybreak the battered building was theirs to clean up. p protesters are now in control of five official buildings across kiev. they've also stormed government buildings in at least a dozen other cities across ukraine. on a hill close by, thousands then gathered for the funeral of a young protester, who died in clashes last week. among the mourners , opposition leaders who, hours earlier, rejected a compromise that would have given them senior government positions. but would almost certainly have provoked a mutiny among the hard-line nationalists, who are increasingly influential here. the deadly violence of the last week has hardened attitudes among protesters who now want to topple the government. even this priest told me the people should stay strong and not retreat in the face of lies. we were taken to the roof of a trade union building that serves as headquarters of the protest movement and below which lies their sprawling, frozen camp. we really get a sense of what a vast encampment this has become and they continue to expand the fortified boundaries. thousands more gathered near the barricades. among them, we met 16-year-old nestia, brimming with youthful hope.

>> this is our future so we have to fight for this. and if we won't do this, who will?

>> reporter: on the charred front line , they looked battle weary today, warming themselves from a respite from combat, weapons ready, eyeing the ranks of the riot police beyond. little sign of resolve iing this increasingly dangerous conflict. ian williams , nbc news,