Nightly News   |  January 27, 2014

Forecast: Cold Air to Funnel South

Nearly 60 million people are affected by a cold weather warning or watch Monday night.  By Friday, however, temperatures will rise above normal for a large portion of the country. NBC News’ Al Roker reports.

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>> southern storm , al roker is in the studio with more on that.

>> that is right, brian, if you're 25 years old and live in tallahassee, or younger, you have never experienced weather like this. we have wind chill warnings, weather warnings all the way to the southeast and in the north, as well. so we're talking about 60 million people affected by some sort of warning or watch into tomorrow morning . here is what we have, another piece of polar vortex , the cold air breaking off into the panhandle of florida, and tomorrow, it will feel like 36 below in chicago, 22 in syracuse, new york city , feeling like one below, and 38 in charleston. now, with this big winter snow and ice storm , here is what is hatching -- happening, this cold air coming down, funneling into florida, the moisture, it is fairly shallow to begin with, that will be ice, and to the north, snow, as far as ice, myrtle beach , to charleston, to virginia, up to half an inch. that will be crippling. and the snow, brian, up to myrtle beach and up to norfolk, six to nine inches. the good news is if we hang in there until friday, temperatures will rise for a good portion of the country.

>> all right, al, we'll look for more from you tomorrow, al roker in the studio.