Nightly News   |  January 27, 2014

Dagestan Under Fire as Olympics Draws Near

There is deep instability in Dagestan, a warzone on Sochi’s doorstep.

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>>> with ten days to go until the games, the olympic torch went through dagestan , the greatest threat to the olympic games , the games now are approaching, our chief foreign correspondent richard engel is there again for us tonight.

>> reporter: it was too dangerous to run the torch through the streets of dagestan , so oregganizers gathered a few thousand spectators in a soccer field to watch the opening torch. not the most winneri i -- winning event. nbc news has learned new details about a russian special forces operation here just nine days ago. inside this house under attack, alleged militant saira alieva, who they say was plotting to attack the olympics. the video, shot and show cased by the police to keep sochi safe. we visited the house, which is about to collapse. across the street, a neighbor showed us where russian troops took up positions.

>> and over here, is where they were shooting, you can see the bullet casings on the floor where the russian special forces were firing at the house across the street. the entire battle lasted about 12 hours.

>> reporter: among the several killed, zaira alieva. but her parents say their daughter was innocent, from a normal family , things changed when police started to question the family after the volgograd incident. she was afraid they would torture her, so she went into hiding. innocent or guilty, zaira is dead, and dagestan is increasinglily under fire as the olympics approach. richard engel , dagestan .