Nightly News   |  January 28, 2014

Forecast: In 48 Hours, ‘Everybody Gets Some Relief’

NBC News’ Al Roker shows how the polar vortex will move north, producing a shift in current weather patterns.

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>>> as fate and luck would have it, al roker is in washington tonight with a look at more on where this storm is headed.

>> where you go brian, i go. we will continue to follow this weather. it stretches from texas all the way to new england with watches, winter storm watches, warnings and winter weather advisories all the way into the northeast and new england . the latest radar shows not only an icy mix stretching across the gulf coast on into the southeastern atlantic and the outer banks , but we're also going to see light snow here in washington all the way up to new york city . here's what's going on. cold air pushing in, so the storm intensifies along the coast as these low pressure systems move up, and bring with it a lot more ice, snow right along the coast, stretching all the way to new york, washington , d.c., and boston. look at these snowfall and ice amounts. up to a quarter through a half inch in the southeast, up into the carolinas, we're talking about 9 to 12 inches of snow , 1 to 3 inches all the way up into coastal new england . the good news is, we're going to start to see a shift in the current patterns. there's the polar vortex keeping the warm air in the west and the cold air here in the eastern half of the country, even up into alaska. we will finally see the polar vortex moving north. that means in the next 48 hours , everybody gets some relief. we're going to be talking about temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above normal for about 85% of the country. there is some good news. we just have to hang on a little longer.