Nightly News   |  January 28, 2014

Pete Seeger, Prolific Folk Singer, Dies at 94

A protest singer who raised his voice about civil rights and the environment, Pete Seeger came up in a generation that used music for social change.

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>>> overnight, we received word that pete seeger had died at the age of 94. many people today called him an american treasure. the new york times called him a bean pole of a man with a hearty tenor. he received all the highest honors given out to artists in this country. when you think about it, he sang about the state of our union all his life. if i had a hammer i'd hammer in the morning

>> reporter: pete seeger sang about justice all over this land, he was a protest singer who seldom turned to anger, but he did raise his voice about mccarthyism and civil rights and vietnam and employment. he was a boarding schoolkid and a harvard dropout who discovered the banjo along the way. he sang with woody guthrie and others. good night irene good night irene i'll see you in my dreams

>> reporter: he came up in a generation using music for social change . we shall overcome

>> reporter: in his hands we shall overcome became an anthem for an era. we shall overcome

>> reporter: seger sang for children and attacks. he was able to mock the ticky tack suburban sprawl . and he famously set scripture to music.

>> he once briefly belonged to the communist party , something he later regretted. he got in trouble with the courts and narrowly avoided jail.

>> three years later, seeger and springsteen teamed up at president obama 's inauguration. this land is your land this land is my land

>> decades ago, he settlinged on 17 acres along the hudson river and adopted the waterway and cleanliness as a cause. when his friends filled madison square garden for his 90th birthday, his impact was made clear.

>> pete seeger 's wife died last year just days before their 70th wedding anniversary . already today there was a move afoot to affix his name to that massive new tappan zee bridge spanning across his beloved hudson river . pete seeger gone at the age of 94.