Nightly News   |  January 29, 2014

Thousands Caught Off-Guard in Birmingham

Icy bridges have forced state troopers to close traffic down to one lane, forcing hundreds of drivers to either abandon their cars or endure sub-freezing temperatures.

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>>> and another city that took a big hit from the storm, birmingh birmingham , alabama, with thousands caught off guard. we're joined by our station in alabama, john, i understand while thousands are people are in your same boat, is it true you had had a 4-year-old overnight at a pre school , and both you and your wife were cut off and couldn't get to your child?

>> reporter: brian, you do your research, you're exactly right, my 4-year-old daughter, julie, was stranded in the suburb, my wife and i couldn't get to her, it broke my wife's heart. but fortunately she was able to drive very carefully today, retrieve my daughter and they're all home safe. let me tell you, though, the storm, the snowstorm paralyzed like you mentioned, birmingham , like no winter storm has in decades. you're looking at just a toss of the gridlock that the birmingham drivers had experienced over the last 30 hours. icy bridges, this is i-50 south, running right through the heart of birmingham , they have closed the traffic down to one lane which is causing a long trail of tractor-trailers to just creep along, also forcing other drivers to either abandon their vehicles along the side of the road or endure the sub-zero temperatures along the side of the road . now just like atlanta, it also left students stranded statewide. 11,000 students had to spend the night in their school last night, and they may have to spend a second night at school.

>> john, we're glad your family and countless others are back together tonight after this storm. thank you for being with us tonight.