Nightly News   |  January 29, 2014

Did Atlanta’s Weather Warnings Come Early Enough?

NBC News’ Al Roker, examines the city’s winter weather timeline, concluding there was plenty of time to make adjustments for snow removal in Atlanta.

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>>> for more on this storm, we're joined in the studio by al roker , al, i'm thinking we worry about terrorists, this is 2.6 inches of snow, and the largest, busiest airport in the world. who is telling the truth here? the public officials who say the weather models were different, or the officials that say it was there all along?

>> reporter: brian, i'm showing you the time line and you and folks at home can decide. this is the winter storm warning issued just south of atlanta . but early in the morning at 4:53, the atlanta metro area added a storm warning by the national weather service . now, move ahead and now we're into atlanta 's metro area , upgraded to a winter weather advisory monday evening. tuesday night, overnight tuesday, 3:38 a.m ., winter weather advisory , upgraded to warning. a full eight hours before the snow started. and as you watch on the radar you will see it move in and engulf atlanta . 2.6 inches, there was plenty of time to make those adjustments for any kind of snow removal . so you decide. but the good news is, temperatures are going to start to moderate, so there will be a natural melting of all of that ice. the polar vortex moves to the north, the jet stream becomes zonal, warmer weather coming in from the pacific. so that is good news. overnight, look for a low of 26 degrees, tomorrow's high, the good news here up to 42 degrees, part of the general warming trend by friday. atlanta will see a high of 55 degrees, and temperatures warming up throughout the region on into new england. and into parts of the upper midwest . but brian, i think there was plenty of time for this to be taken care of.

>> and a lot of truth, a lot of southern cities just can't keep the trucks and equipment on the payroll for snow removal all year long. al roker in the studio, thank you.