Nightly News   |  January 29, 2014

Grimm: Sometimes emotions ‘get the better of you’

NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell caught up with Rep. Michael Grimm on Wednesday after he unleashed an expletive laced rant at a reporter following the President’s State of the Union address.

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>>> and quickly they made their way to television cameras to respond to what they just heard. but one of the news reporters ended with a threat to the television reporter. we get the story from our capitol hill reporter, kelly o'donnell.

>> reporter: on a night when hundreds of members of congress run through a circuit of media interviews, one exchange on new york 1 took a stunning turn.

>> all right, so congressman michael grimm does not want to talk about some of the allegations concerning his campaign finance . we wanted to get him on camera on that but as you saw he refused to talk about it, back to you.

>> reporter: reporter michael scotto's eyes got wider as he was threatened, with language right out of a movie script. in his expletive-filled rant, congressman grimm said he would throw the reporter off the balcony, he is a former marine and fbi agent elected in 2010 . his first response after the incident was a late-night statement saying he was extremely annoyed by the reporter's question. but no apology, when i confronted him this morning off the house floor and onto an elevator, grimm apologized.

>> you regret what took place?

>> oh, of course.

>> what --

>> thank you.

>> why did you --

>> i'm a human being , and sometimes your emotions get the better of you. the bottom line is it shouldn't happen, you should not lose your cool and that is why i apologized.

>> reporter: grimm has been under investigation for campaign finance allegations, last month, the congressman was arrested on charges that were funds given to see campaign. grimm 's attorney says the congressman denies any wrong doing and looks forward to an early and favorable resolution.

>> will you give a more full statement about where that stands?

>> i think i have done that for the last two years and when they're done with their investigation that is what it will be.

>> reporter: the reporter, michael scotto says he accepts the congressman's apology, i checked with leaders in both parties who say right now there is no plan to discipline grimm under the house rules conduct. speaker john boehner says it was appropriate