Nightly News   |  January 29, 2014

Olympic Skier Inspired by Brother with Cerebral Palsy

Alex Bilodeau has a special bond with his brother, Frederic.

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>>> finally here tonight, one brother competes and the other is cheering him on, that could be said of a lot of olympic athletes, but for alex biladeau who won a gold medal in canada yea years past it is all about the remarkable bond we first learned about in the last winter games , bob costas has more.

>> reporter: there is nothing state-of-the-art about this water hole 50 miles north of montreal. but it is a summer destination for athletes who train, alex biladeau is the kind of star who is always available to retrieve a lost ski or gives tips. it is an approach that comes naturally to him because of where he comes from and who inspired him to get here.

>> my brother, it is everyday life , he brings me to reality.

>> reporter: frederick is alex 's older brother by six years, he has cerebral palsy , years past he would even go ski with his family. but he still competes, whenever he can.

>> oh, oh, a nice way back.

>> the night before my race, my brother was in the wheelchair and kind of asks my mom and said mom, do you think i would be there today if i was not in the cap. he if he was not, he would be three-time olympic champion . he has that amount of patience.

>> reporter: four years ago, frederick was there as little brother attempted to do something no canadian ever had. win gold at a home olympics.

>> his older brother suffers from cp, he says i'm doing it for him.

>> alex has won gold!

>> right after that, the prime minister of quebec and my brother next to him, and the prime minister went to give me a hand, and i'm like one second, and i took my brother.

>> reporter: in a way, alex 's performance made stars of both biladeau brothers in canada , with frederick emerging as a model for people with disabilities in canada , and what they can achieve. he sells his paintings to benefit the cp organization.

>> a lot of people recognize me in the street, but more when we're together. i'm always the second star. when he is there, everybody goes towards frederick and says how frederick inspired them. the story inspired them way more than the performance or the medal.