Nightly News   |  January 30, 2014

Radiation Detectors and SWAT Teams: NYC Preps for Super Bowl

The Met Life stadium is already in full lockdown as New York City coordinates super-sized security for the Super Bowl.

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>>> three days now until the super bowl , and beyond the excitement building for the game itself, something else is going on. new jersey and new york have launched a big league security effort aimed at protecting all of those who have converged on this area. we get the story tonight from nbc's katy tur, high above times square which has of course been renamed super bowl boulevard for the occasion.

>> reporter: brian, three cities, more than 100 different law enforcement agencies and millions of people. it is no secret that security for the super bowl will be a massive undertaking, but it is not just for the stadium in new jersey. it is also for new york city , especially times square . met life stadium already in full lockdown. two and a half miles of fence surround the perimeter, cameras trained on every movement. and patrols on the ground, in the air, and since the stadium is surrounded by marshland, the water.

>> so we'll be using infrared capabilities both in the water, the air and the ground to make sure that does not happen.

>> reporter: and that is just new jersey, across the river, a scant 10.6 miles away is times square , called super bowl boulevard, for the events all throughout the week.

>> we work terrorism every day.

>> reporter: he is the fbi assistant director in new york who says the big challenge is coordinating with the many agencies. but of all the locations, new york and new jersey have a system in place.

>> we never let our guard down, but obviously you have more people in the city, the stakes are higher, we rev it up. no doubt bit. but we worry about terrorism every day.

>> reporter: among the tools, pocket radiation detectors.

>> if something happens, this goes off and the law enforcement knows about it.

>> reporter: so you will have potentially hundreds?

>> there are thousands throughout the city.

>> reporter: alongside all that modern tech, some tried and true methods, an everyday incident, sometimes the best asset is a pair of eyes. at the fbi, the realtime surveillance that can spot suspicious packages, all to make sure that everything from the kickoff to the trophy presentation goes off without a hitch.

>> security is a balance, you you have to balance safety, and people still having a good time.

>> reporter: and if that were not enough there would be airport security when you enter the stadium. that means metal detectors , patdowns, no purses or backpacks, brian, only clear plastic bags.