Nightly News   |  January 30, 2014

Good Samaritans Offer Help During Atlanta Snowstorm

This week’s ice storm in Atlanta brought out kindness and generosity in the toughest of circumstances.

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>>> finally tonight, we return to atlanta where thankfully southern hospitality came to the rescue in that paralyzing ice storm that stopped atlanta cold. a lot of folks stepped up and helped complete strangers and made a big difference in a time of need. our report tonight from nbc's gabe gutierrez.

>> reporter: among the ice, the gridlock, the frustration.

>> kindness of strangers.

>> reporter: in atlanta , when government froze up, strangers stepped in. good samaritans took to the streets offering them water bottles , food, a lifeline.

>> peanut butter and jelly here.

>> reporter: the roberts family grateful for help after they abandoned their car.

>> you couldn't depend on anything else but each other.

>> it is good to see you, not on the side of the road .

>> reporter: these two met under warmer circumstances.

>> just come to a complete and total standstill.

>> reporter: on the interstate, two months pregnant with her 3-year-old son in the back, she was trapped in her frigid car, no water, only a handful of tic tacks.

>> it was utter chaos.

>> reporter: this man offered a ride to anybody on social media to anybody who was stuck, and katy's desperate plea for help reached him.

>> just a sense of relief watched over me, it was just incredible.

>> we were all crying.

>> reporter: she started a facebook page, snowed out atlanta , hours after the snow first hit. what began as a site for volunteers to help stranded drivers is now topping 56,000 members.

>> i am just really glad we managed to help so many people. facebook allowed us to come together and do so many amazing things.

>> when you think about the kind of person it takes to put their safety ahead of somebody that they never met before, i mean, why wouldn't we want to be friends forever ?

>> reporter: tonight, he is home safe. and the south seems a little warmer.

>> you're welcome.