Nightly News   |  February 01, 2014

Businesses Not Scoring with Super Bowl

Hosting the Super Bowl hasn’t brought in the influx of business many expected.

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>>> bowl xlviii is being played tomorrow in new jersey just across the river from us in new york city . businesses on both sides of the river are finding the big game is not turning out to be the big payday they counted on, nbc's ron mott has more from super bowl central.

>> reporter: hey, lester, good evening, there is talk that the super bowl could bring half a billion dollars or more to new york city and new jersey, but tonight, reality has businesses questioning just how super the game is for the bottom line . the rutherfords traveled across country to root for their beloved seahawkss. and they're paying a pretty penny . do you have like a budget?

>> we'll spend more than ten grand, that includes super bowl tickets, which is a big chunk.

>> reporter: a big chunk indeed, but as much monrey as the family and others spend here, research suggests it will be far less than the $600 million generated for the region, historically generated between 120 million for host cities.

>> those studies are very good at doing adding and multipling, but they don't do well at subtracking.

>> reporter: the digit prices are flat, hotel rooms can still be had, with many still available. many are finding it tough to close a deal despite the crowds.

>> it is not as lucrative as i thought it may have been.

>> reporter: here at the hotel chandler, they're dressed for the occasion .

>> we'll have exactly the same people as last year.

>> reporter: across the river where the game will be played, super bowl buzz has been the feed here at the restaurant.

>> i don't want it to hurt me, that other people don't come in because they're afraid.

>> reporter: afraid of overcrowding, the turnout could be affected because of fears on the cold, it is the first outdoor venue, with hotel restrictions and high fares. nonetheless, this family is sparing no expense for their super bowl expense, a $7,000 adventure.

>> this is a once in a lifetime experience for my son and i, and we're looking forward to just spending it and paying for it later.

>> reporter: tonight, super security is in place for the super bowl . law enforcement is not saying just what they're spending but it will be sure to have an impact on the bottom line .