Nightly News   |  February 01, 2014

Snowstorm First of a Bad Weather Trio

A snowstorm snarls airline traffic and there are two weather systems behind it.

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>>> the country they're getting hit with another snowstorm. hundreds of flights have been cancelled already and there are two more flights behind this one. weather channel 's meteorologist mike seidel has more.

>> reporter: hi there, from the navy pier here in chicago , and the snow is flying, so far they have had more this season, more than they shovelled in chicago the past two winters combined. and cold morning, 15 so far sub zero has led to ice on the waterways and in michigan. in detroit, a record, last month 39 inches, more fell today leading to crashes on area highways in the motor city . another storm on sunday brings more snow and ice in the dallas/ft. worth area, and from the d.c. area, one to three inches in philly and new york, then more storms in the midwest, a swath of storms from chicago , to kc, and there will be mostly rains for the big city on wednesday, then more cold weather .