Nightly News   |  February 01, 2014

Puppy Bowl: Sports' Most Un-FUR-gettable Game

These adorable puppies will play out their own version of the Super Bowl Sunday.

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>>> and if you have not had your fill of cute animals, the puppy bowl , our jill rappaport has more.

>> reporter: super bowl sunday, the seahawks versus the broncos versus the puppies? even if your team did not make the big game you can still root for these furry fierce competitors. at this stage in manhattan, the puppies are primping for their play. and getting time.

>> it is really more than just a mental massage.

>> it is puppy porn, can i say that?

>> you just did.

>> reporter: and that translates into some numbers, a record 12.4 million viewers watched the puppy bowl last year, with more expected to tune in tomorrow.

>> we have had people tweeting that puppies are cuter than football players. oh, did i wake you up? these pups are mvps for more reasons than one, not only are they incredible eye candy but the fact they are all from shelters raises awareness from animals in need. puppy from the beginning is all about adoption.

>> they were left to die and this gives the opportunities in front of millions.

>> reporter: this couple came all the way from new orleans to adopt their puppy bowl superstar.

>> when you get a puppy, when you rescue a dog it really changes the whole environment of your home.

>> she is the aggressor.

>> she really kicked some butt in the field, huh?

>> yeah, she really did.

>> reporter: so after the accolades and touchdowns, these puppies really score by finding a new home. jill rappaport.