Nightly News   |  February 02, 2014

Security Tight for Super Bowl

Flyovers, snipers and bag checks, the security surrounding the Super Bowl is strict.

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>>> the other major story we're following, the extraordinary security effort going on tonight with the super bowl now underway in new jersey. nbc's ron mott is outside metlife stadium this evening. ron, hi.

>> reporter: hey there, kate. nearly 40,000 fortunate fans are behind me tonight cheering on the deny remember broncos and seattle seahawks but getting them in safely today was job number one. metlife security is business as usual . on super bowl sunday it's a fortress, surrounded overhead by police helicopters and on all sides by armed officers, bomb-sniffing dogs, armored vehicles .

>> we would hope they would have been better prepared. they knew we were coming.

>> reporter: security is a significant undertaking for such a high-profile event. a show of force in numbers. 700 state troopers , 4,000 additional security personnel, 10,000 workers handling other duties. a ratio of one security or stadium official for every five fans, keeping close watch. security in the form of snipers is also in place.

>> i feel super duper safe.

>> reporter: dubbed the first mass transit super bowl , getting to the stadium on buss and trains, short on cars. ride times varying from near minutes to several hours.

>> it did not really work.

>> no.

>> reporter: at least 30,000 spectators, like gibson family, seattle seahawks fans, were expected to arrive this way, finding the experience mostly convenient if not slightly surreal.

>> it's an unreal situation. in the beginning we all hoped this would happen.

>> reporter: frigid weather some hailed about the first outdoor super bowl venue despite snow near the stadium, as seen from space. at mustang harry's in manhattan, those without tickets put on their game faces.

>> the only thing that will make this better is if the broncos win it.

>> when they win.

>> when they win, that will top it off.

>> reporter: years of super planning come to an end tonight. most of the fans we spoke with going into the stadium tonight said overall they were pretty pleased with operations even though they had to sit on buses for a while. there were a few complaints, glitches about transit times and overcrowding at the train station . kate?