Nightly News   |  February 02, 2014

Can Chris Christie Survive Bridge Scandal?

The New Jersey governor is on the offensive and sent a stinging memo to supporters attacking his accuser.

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>>> among those attending tonight's game, new jersey governor chris christie , whose office spent a good amount this weekend fighting back against allegations that he may have known more about the lane closures at the george washington bridge than he has admitted. kelly o'donnell is at george washington bridge for us tonight. good evening, kelly.

>> reporter: good evening, kate. it has been about a month since the bridge story broke. for most of that time, governor christie said very little about the key figures, accused of carrying out the lane closures here. aides are going after a former christie appointee, who made new allegations against the governor. super bowl sunday was supposed to be a good news day for chris christie . but politics is not a spectator sport .

>> if he's lying it's a really bad situation. if he's not lying, then something very unfair is being done to him.

>> reporter: christie 's team is back on offense, sending a stinging memo to supporters that attacks the accuser, david wildstein. wildstein's attorney provoked the backlash with his letter claiming evidence exists the governor knows more about the traffic mess.

>> i consider chris christie a friend. i think he has been a fantastic governor. right now all we know is one person's word against another.

>> who knew what and when?

>> reporter: democratic new jersey lawmakers say so far they've not seen any evidence to support wildstein's allegations.

>> nothing that says the governor new contemporaneously, which is the allegation he's making now.

>> reporter: to undercut wildstein personally and professionally, claiming wildstein created culture of fear within port authority , describing a past job where wildstein was an anonymous blogger known as wally edge. and going back decades, he was publicly accused by his high school social studies teacher of deceptive behavior. but that prompted criticism.

>> we all went through high school and remember what those feelings were like. that's not the strongest -- it seems like a distraction when the more serious question at hand is what he knew and what he's going to do about it.

>> reporter: the governor and wildstein attended the same high school but the governor says they were not friends. one of the employees in the governor's office who was subpoenaed to produce record business tomorrow's deadline christina genevieve has resigned. she had been planning to move on since after the november election.