Nightly News   |  February 02, 2014

Winter Woes Return to Midwest, South

Yet another winter storm will bring snowfall and ice to parts of the Midwest and South.

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>>> yet another storm is bringing snow and ice to parts of the south and midwest. tonight millions of people are at risk for severe weather . let's get the latest from weather channel meteorologist kim cunningham. kim, hi.

>> hey, kate. it looks like it won't stop after today's storm. we'll see several storms this week. let's get you through tonight. we'll see snow into new york city . overnight tonight, at least right now, it is going to be rain starting out after midnight, changing over to snow. our first storm right now that affected a lot of the south will be moving into the northeast tomorrow. two to four inches of snow is what we can expect from boston back toward charleston, west virginia . then midweek, we watch our next winter storm . this one, the snow path is a little farther north to the midwest back into chicago, over 50" of snow already in chicago this year and tuesday night it's right back to the northeast. very busy week, kate. it looks like maybe punxsutawney phil was correct