Nightly News   |  February 04, 2014

This Weekend’s ‘Misery Maker’: More Snow

The icy chill that has descended across the nation isn’t going away anytime soon. NBC News’ Al Roker has the latest forecast.

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>> al roker is here with us again tonight with more on this storm, and then there's the next one after this.

>> 1700 flights karns elled, there are going to be more tonight into tomorrow. we have ice storm warnings in southern ohio , freezing rain advisories through virginia, winter storm warnings, these warnings stretch about 2,000 miles from new england all the way into the rockies, here's what we're looking at as far as the future cast. snow tonight from omaha into cleveland, syracuse. moves into new york city late tonight, into tomorrow morning . an icy mix by late morning, early afternoon. and that's going to dump ice amounts, we're talking anywhere from a half inch to an inch of ice throughout the virginias, into interior new jersey. snowfall amounts, look at the snow, we're talking generally 3 to 6 from kansas city . just south of chicago, cleveland 6 to 9 inches, into western pa and central parts of new york and new england . a foot and a half of snow. and here comes the next misery maker over the weekend saturday night into sunday that blue line , that's the freezing line, we call it the 540 line. everything north of that is snow in the blue, and we could be looking at significant snowfall by monday morning from central new jersey on into new england , brian.

>> just will not stop. al roker here with us in