Nightly News   |  February 04, 2014

Tuesday’s Big Headlines from Washington

NBC News’ Brian Williams has the latest news about the farm bill and Obama’s new health care law.

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>>> the senate gave final congressional approval today to a farm bill that sets policy for hundreds of programs, including food stamps and farm subsidies . it would make small cut backs to both. conservatives had called for much larger cuts to the program, president obama plans to sign the bill on friday.

>>> another big headline today in washington, the nonpartisan congressional budget office says this new health care law is going to cause more than 2 million americans to reduce their work hours or leave the workforce all together. but the white house is cautioning that those departures are more a result of workers flexibility to leave their jobs and still have health insurance . the cbo report also projected the federal deficit will fall to $514 billion in 2014 down from $1.4 trillion five years ago.