Nightly News   |  February 06, 2014

Cold, Dark Nights for Thousands Still Without Power

Across much of the Northeast, the winter continues its icy grip. Hundreds of thousands are awaiting the return of electricity that was cut off at the height of the storm.

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>>> back in the u.s. tonight, hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses are still in the dark, and the cold for another night without power after another brutal winter storm . and there is word that for some of them there may be several more days and nights of this. nbc's rehema ellis has more, good evening.

>> reporter: good evening, brian, take a look at this tree now horizontal and scraping up against the house behind me. this is what a powerful storm can do in a community. trees and electrical lines snapped under the heavy snow leaving hundreds of thousands to wonder when will the lights come back on? much of pennsylvania woke up this morning to buzzing sounds of repair. roads were blocked by fallen trees and downed power lines cutting off the electricity for more than 800,000 customers at the height of the storm. donna graham and her two daughters woke up to a very cold house . did you think, i need to buy a generator?

>> well, we say that every time the power goes out and we never get one, but now we'll get one, right?

>> reporter: this family spent the night close to the fireplace in their denver, she slept on the couch, he slept on the recliner. this is your central heating right now?

>> yes.

>> reporter: like this family there are still more than 400,000 without power, with parts of the state declaring a disaster.

>> it will actually be a third more people than were here during hurricane sandy.

>> reporter: some 3500 workers have come from as far away as arkansas to help repair the lines. but first, they have to remove the downed trees.

>> this really goes on record as the second worst storm in our company history and the worst winter storm that we've experienced.

>> reporter: across much of the northeast, the winter continues its icy grip.

>> it does look like winter is hanging in there. temperatures remain colder than average for a huge portion of the country. and next week, there could be another storm. and no matter how big or small it is, it is likely to be a pain for millions of people.

>> reporter: back in pennsylvania, the pedigrees, who have lived here for more than 40 years are keeping bright outlook, despite what may be a cold, dark night ahead.

>> what else do you do?

>> you weather the storm.

>> you weather the storm, yes.

>> reporter: the pennsylvania power company says it hopes to have service restored to many customers by tomorrow night. but because of of the extent of the damage here it may say that the repairs could go on through the weekend. brian?