Nightly News   |  February 06, 2014

And They’re Off! Day 1 of the Winter Olympics

Although the opening ceremony won’t be until Friday, qualification rounds have already begun as well as two figure skating events.

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>>> got under way here today. qualification rounds in the bright sunshine as the world started to focus on these olympic games . anne thompson is up at the nearby alpine center above us in the mountains over sochi. anne, good evening.

>> reporter: good evening, brian, it was a day of firsts. the first competitions in the mountains. the first olympic snowboard slope style runs, and the first time americans have competed at an olympics in russia. the 22nd winter olympics took off at the extreme park where the equally extreme fans watched the snowboard slope style qualifications for men and women. one of the competitors, 19-year-old carly shore from michigan, seeing her mom for the first time since making the olympic team.

>> i love you.

>> i love you more.

>> reporter: her challenge? the controversial course altered earlier in the week after some athletes complained it was dangerous. a series of rails and jumps to take her mom's breath away.

>> when she flies over those jumps, what happens to your heart?

>> i'm good now. it took me a while but i'm okay.

>> reporter: in the sparks of the enthusiastic crowd, this olympic volunteer is a long way home.

>> just with the people arriving it is amazing.

>> reporter: the women's down hill course proved to be amazing. the final jump including the american skier, ross, so high, the officials stopped the practice.

>> it was incredibly dangerous but probably a good decision to shave it down a little bit.

>> reporter: as for carly shore, her face held the story, a good first run until a fall on the last jump. the second run? success. and one more note from the mountain, five time olympic medallist bode miller posted the fastest in the down hill run today. the medal race takes