Nightly News   |  February 06, 2014

Jay Leno Is Signing Off After 22 Years

After a two-decade run on the Tonight Show, Jay Leno is passing the baton to Jimmy Fallon.

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>>> he has had one of the great runs in all of show business , and tonight, a very important member of our family says good-bye to the tonight show audience for the very last time. jay leno is signing off after 22 years. he took the baton from johnny carson and now hands that very same baton to jimmy fallon , and when the curtain comes down on that famous sound stage in beautiful downtown burbank, california, that will be it. the show moves back east for the first time since 1972 . and so we and millions of others will watch tonight from sochi to sausalito, as jay leno takes a bow after a job well down.