Nightly News   |  February 06, 2014

Environmental Disaster Strikes Two Cities

A chemical resulted in several school closings in Charleston, while in North Carolina tons of coal ash leaked from an energy plant.

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>>> there are twin environmental disasters to update you on in the u.s. tonight. first, the ongoing trouble in west virginia following the chemical spill . in charleston, several schools have closed and there are new questions about water quality . children have reported a burning sensation in their eyes and nasal passages. the chemical smell is still present in the water but the government maintains the water does not pose a health risk.

>>> another environmental tragedy in north carolina after 80,000 tons of coal ash leaked into a pond, then into the dan river happening at a duke energy plant. coal ash can be toxic, this has already turned the water gray and brown in places and down river in danville, virginia, they're taking precautions, company saying that the tests show the water is safe.