Nightly News   |  February 08, 2014

Woody Allen Disputes Daughter’s Sexual Abuse Claim

The acclaimed director takes direct aim at his former partner, Mia Farrow, in an open letter in the New York Times.

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>>> woody allen has now publicly responded to the renewed allegation that he sexually abused a child, two decades ago, a claim for which he was never charged and which he was consistently and strongly denied. the child in question here is dylan farrow, now 28 years old, the daughter he adopted with his then partner, mia farrow , dylan renewed the allegation a week ago in an open letter published in the new york times. today, the newspaper published a letter from allen, saying, when he first heard the allegation years ago he found it so ludicrous he didn't give it a second time. in his letter to "the new york times," allen said i loved her and hope one day she will understand how she was cheated out of having a loving father and a mother more interested in her festering, than her daughter's well being . today is the first time woody allen has spoken publicly on this subject and says it will be his last public comment on it, as well.