Nightly News   |  February 09, 2014

Stand Your Ground Again Takes Center Stage

Again all eyes are on Florida and its controversial Stand Your Ground law. Will it prove a successful defense for a man accused of murdering an unarmed teen?

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>>> in florida tonight, that state's stand your ground law is in the news once again at a murder trial involving a white man, who shot and killed a black teenager. the trial resumes tomorrow. our report tonight from nbc's mark potter .

>> reporter: 47-year-old michael dunn is accused of murdering 17-year-old jordan davis and trying to kill three of his friends during an argument over loud music in this jacksonville store parking lot. the sounds of gunfire caught on camera.

>> oh, my gosh! somebody's shooting. somebody's shooting out their car. i swear to god. he's shooting.

>> reporter: prosecutors say dunn ordered the teens to lower their music in their suv after complaining to his fiance.

>> and what did the defendant say?

>> i hate that thug music.

>> reporter: when the teens refuse refused and davis cursed him, dunn fired ten shots.

>> pointed that pistol at the car full of unarmed teenagers and continued to pull the trigger.

>> reporter: the defense argues davis threatened dunn with a weapon, dunn telling police he acted in self-defense.

>> a shotgun come up or whatever. it was fight or flight .

>> reporter: investigators say no weapon was found in the car and that dunn left the scene and never called police. the defense attorney suggests the teens may have ditched the weapon and that police didn't search for it. jordan davis ' mother says she still can't believe why her son was killed.

>> what do you say? over loud music , your child is dead? over loud music .

>> reporter: it's drawn comparisons to the trayvon martin case , which triggered widespread discussion of florida's stand your ground defense law. even if stand your ground isn't cited this time, the basic principle still applies.

>> if you fear death or serious injury you can stand your ground and kill somebody.

>> reporter: a case of self-defense or anger out of control? if convicted, dunn could face life in prison . mark potter , nbc news, miami.