Nightly News   |  February 09, 2014

Americans Soar at the Olympics

The U.S. takes top prize thanks to some amazing aerial acrobatics.

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>> americans soared, flipped and twisted into olympic history, sweeping the gold medals in the new sport of snowboard slopestyle. de death defying tricks, jamie anderson 's finish was nearly flawless.

>> so thankful. just want to do my best and win a gold medal .

>> anderson was the favorite but many sage kotsenburg. and the crowd went wild. showing off the medal he won with 4 1/2 high-flying spins.

>> i never had done it before in my life. i just winged it on that one.

>> how do you do that in an olympic final?

>> i don't know. it's kind of my thought process.

>> organizers suggested they do know why some of the venues look so empty, despite statement that is 92% of tickets for yesterday's events were sold.

>> russians like to come to the event not prior, but as close as possible.

>> reporter: figure skating is drawing crowds and photos of ashley wagner went viral. one after her performance, the other react iing to her scores. but they were good enough to help the americans get into the new team skating finals where they pulled off an upset, taking the bronze.

>> i can't believe that just happened at the olympic games .

>> reporter: and there was even a photo-op with president vladimir putin . and this photo, the adorable sister act from canada. justine and chloe, and a third sister finished in the top 12. a moment of sheer astonishment and unfettered joy.

>> it's just amazing. it's not like two or three. it's like, one and two. that's it.

>> it's so rare. it's just so beautiful to have this moment but not alone.