Nightly News   |  January 01, 1910

Take the Most Scenic Trip in Russia

Cross two continents, seven times zones and nearly a third of the planet, if you have enough money and time.

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>> carillo: at moscow´s train station , the russian anthem , " moya moskva ," signals the daily departure of the fabled trans- siberian railway. it´s a journey that takes you through some of the most breathtaking and unforgiving terrain on earth. there´s certainly no train ticket like the one for the trans- siberian railway. the number 2 train starts here in moscow and finishes in vladivostok . it takes just under a week to cross two continents, seven time zones , and nearly one-third of the planet. conceived to connect the russian empire to its vast asian territories, construction began in 1891 . workers braved extreme winters in the east and tiger attacks in the west, finally completing the massive rail line 25 years later. the feat was celebrated by this fabergé egg -- a gift from czar nicholas ii to his wife. [ train whistle blows ] those who work on the trans- siberian rail today consider themselves part of that proud russian tradition .

>> man: [ speaking native language ]

>> interpreter: my father was a train driver . my grandfather worked on the railroad. i had this dream since i was a child.

>> carillo: all right, here we go. [ train whistle blows ] >> man: [ chuckles ]

>> carillo: on to vladivostok! >> man: da.

>> carillo: [ chuckles ] okay, you´re awesome. on your way to vladivostok , the train hugs the banks of one of russia´s true wonders, lake baikal . the deepest lake in the world, it holds a quarter of the earth´s freshwater. a premium seat across the land, with all the bells and whistles, will run you just over $1,000. but no matter what the price of your passage is, the view is first-class. even after 22 years on the job, the train´s supervisor is still stunned by the view. do you get used to the great beauty of your country, or can you still look out the window and be surprised?

>> woman: [ speaking native language ]

>> interpreter: every time, the view from the window is different. each trip amazes me -- the nature, the beauty, as you can see for yourself.

>> carillo: a majestic view on a train once called the finest jewel in the czar´s crown. mary carillo , nbc news, moscow.