Nightly News   |  February 10, 2014

Weary Syrians Flee, Dodging Mortar to Reach Safer Ground

The UN is attempting to evacuate the city of Homs, but aid workers are under fire. Despite a ceasefire agreement, the shooting doesn’t stop.

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>>> first we'll begin with a report that is just in to us tonight, a situation that demands our attention. this comes from syria. it shows as you will see a desperate situation. some very brave souls with the u.n. are trying to evacuate the oldest section of the city of homs during what is supposed to be a cease fire . it is slow-going and very dangerous. they got about 300 more people out today and it was close. they don't want to leave anybody behind in the bombarded center of the old yest city in syria. so we'll have a report from this dire and unfolding situation, here is nbc's bill neely .

>> reporter: they are hungry and weary, but mostly they are desperate to escape. the siege that has trapped them in their city for more than two years, the rescuers rush in, they're was supposed to be a cease fire , but they were shot at. under the cover of u.n. vehicles they move across a no-man's land land, between the two warring sides, clinging to their children, crossing just five 100 yards to relative safety in the city. some abandoning luggage during the scrambling, as people wait to be evacuated mortar rains down. so no one takes chances. they survived a brutal war. this is their moment to leave it behind. in the confusion, this woman loses her son. it is not known if she ever found him. the crowd surges forward, crouching low in case of snipers and the shooting does not stop. cease fire deal or not. more than a thousand civilians have now escaped. one small success story from peace talks from are otherwise deadlocked. like this long war. bill neely , nbc news, london.