Nightly News   |  February 10, 2014

2016 Political Attacks Get Personal

For years Diane Blair cataloged Hillary Clinton’s reactions to the rough relations with the press, scandals and more – but the documents got little attention until excerpts were posted on an anti-Clinton website Sunday night.

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>>> tonight the once private papers of the woman hillary clinton has described as her closest friend is getting a lot of attention because they reveal what was going on behind the scenes during the lewinski affair and other tough times for the clintons. it is all coming to light and republicans say it is fair game with 2016 approaching. we get our report tonight from nbc's andrea mitchell .

>> reporter: after the music stopped at their first inaugural, the clinton 's first overnight guests were their friends from arkansas, diane blair and her husband, jim, for years, she chronicled the clinton 's reactions to the rough relations with the press, and scandals, including monica lewinsky is and scandals about impeachme impeachment. getting little attention until last night.

>> reporter: thanksgiving, 1996 , blair quotes clinton as saying i'm a proud woman, i should do more to suck up to the press, i know it confuses people when i change my hair, i know i should pretend i don't have any opinions but i am just not going to. i'm used to winning on my own terms, their friend shreveport started when they were both here at the university of arkansas , as young professors, moms, and they met for lunch regularly. and they were two of the only female faculty on campus.

>> reporter: september, 1998 , bill clinton finally wrote about his affair with lewinsky, she was not trying to excuse him, she said it was a huge personal lapse, but to his credit he tried to celebrate it off and pull away. now republicans say everything is fair game .

>> i don't see how somebody just gets a pass on anything, especially in today's politics, so we'll have a truckload of opposition research on hillary clinton .

>> reporter: potential 2016 rand paul already called bill clinton a sexual predator , even before hillary clinton says she will run.

>> that is good politics for the republican party but right now they don't have any candidate that can match up with the strength of hillary clinton .

>> hillary clinton had no comment on a campaign already brutal two years before it has started. andrea mitchell , nbc.