Nightly News   |  February 10, 2014

Meet the Most Decorated Women’s Olympic Skier in History

There was a lot to celebrate on Day 3 of the Olympic Games in Sochi, most notably Julia Mancuso, 29, who finished with her fourth medal, more than any other U.S. women’s Olympic skier.

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>>> now to what is going on here at these olympic winter games in sochi, russia, as we mentioned there is growing concerns tonight that the course for one of these premiere games may not be quite ready for prime time as the athletes get ready to compete tomorrow. tonight, an american woman has become one of the most decorated winter olympians in all of u.s. sports history . nbc's kevin tibbles has been following it all.

>> reporter: brian, she may not be a household name like other u.s. skiers, but today, mancuso has become the most decorated skier. for alpine skier , julia mancuso , four is a lucky number . and today in the event, she finished with bronze, the fourth olympic medal more than any other u.s. olympics skier.

>> to be able to do it in three olympics is just amazing, i can't really describe it.

>> reporter: the united states hopes for more celebrations tomorrow as shaun white goes for his third gold in the halfpipe. but today, concerns over the halfpipe.

>> frustration today, but i feel it will be good tomorrow.

>> reporter: frustrations increase as they work to improve conditions.

>> on a scale of one to ten i would say it is a solid five and a half, six right now.

>> reporter: for the winter games there has not been much winter. down in the olympic park they are in step with warmer temperatures. a surprise andrew is here from indiana .

>> sochi is a long way from indiana .

>> yeah, it is a very long way from indiana , it is a lot warmer, it is single digit there, here, higher temperatures, i can walk around in this.

>> reporter: temperatures run high inside the venues, as well as russian fans show they can shout and cheer with the best of them.

>> not a lot of smiles when you walk down the street but when you get inside an olympic venue they yell their face off.

>> reporter: vladimir putin has been clapping his approval. the russian president even dropped in to congratulate an austrian down hill skier in his bright red track suit. and the russians are going wild over the petite skater.

>> julia, champion.

>> so there you have it, the tale of two julias, or yulias. as for putin, he gave a hug to a speed skater from holland who won a gold medal , who happened to be the first gay athlete to win