Nightly News   |  February 12, 2014

Cars Backed Up for Miles in North Carolina

On the interstates in North Carolina people are locking their cars and walking away as a large snow and ice storm moves across the state.

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>> reporter: this is peter alexander in south carolina where drivers found themselves in up to six inches of snow fall falling, more than the city averages in an entire year. by noon the backup extended for miles.

>> we have been out here for two hours.

>> every since the turn, we have been out here for an hour.

>> reporter: drivers left spinning their wheels.

>> i guess people don't know how to drive in the snow.

>> reporter: a city official here says i never wanted this in atlanta, but drivers were feeling that way. while crews began to prep roads days ago many drivers ignored warnings to stay home. earlier today the state's governor urged residents to stay home.

>> don't put your stupid hat on at this time. protect yourself, your family and your neighbors.

>> reporter: on social media , neighbors offering traffic advice while others asked for help, friends stuck in a ditch, then an hour rescued. some people abandoned their cars altogether. the highway paralyzed with traffic now is finally cleared. but there is more snow and sleet expected overnight. brian, this is the worst storm to hit in ten years and already it is crippling the carolinas.

>> peter alexander , mark potter before that. gentlemen, thank you very